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In April Jenner & I were in the process of getting ready to leave Phoenix to move to the Cupertino, CA for his job. I had given notice to work, I had sold my car, we had begun to look at potential places. & then bottom dropped out.

Dyan and three others went out in the bay for abalone and there was an accident. My best friend Jess lost her mom. They were incredibly close. I lost my teaching mentor and my second mom. I quit my job early and moved to Windsor, CA shortly after Dyan died to take care of her house while it was on the market.

When it sold and we moved out the rest of her stuff (and me) on the Sept 5th, her daughter and I went up to her dad Pat's house in Cobb, CA to spend the long weekend (and to stow some more of Dyan's stuff at his house for a while). It was a good, hard weekend. It felt like some closure.

I spent the following week with Jess, her husband John, and their daughter Grace in Sacramento. It was to be my final week up in Northern California before moving Sunday down to Thousand Oaks (Ventura county, just north of LA, because Jenner has a new contract now).

Jenner comes up Saturday. We decide to hang out as two couples for the day with John & Jess, before Jenner & I to go back to his place to spend a final night down in the South Bay.

Shortly after 2pm, we get the call from her dad Pat. Cobb is on fire. While he was out for a jog, up by the Cal Fire station he lives right next to (that I went up to the weekend before to see the helicopter pad), he saw the flames. He jogged back, called Jess to leave a message he was starting to pack "just in case". The fire was at 50 acres. No biggie. By the time she called him back, five minutes or so later, Cal Fire had updated to 300 acres on fire. By the time we got home, it was over 1000 acres and the evacuation was mandatory.

After running around to grab family photos, Pat, puts on the trailer to his truck to load up his beloved jeep (he's had it for decades), sees the fire down the road, does not have 10 more minutes to even put the jeep up on the trailer securely, so instead he unhooks his trailer and gets the fuck out of Cobb.

A shot of Pat's street yesterday. They're not letting residents up anywhere near Cobb yet, so we can't confirm his house is gone, but the photographer told her brother that the whole street is gone.

12026490 10103885508835973 1979009500 N by vespera

He left Dyan's ashes. Guys, he had Dyan's ashes and he forgot them at the house.

I've been trying to keep my shit together as Jenner & I had to drive down here Sunday. I'm being cheerful. But after he left for his first day at work yesterday all I could do was sit here and sob. Jess is going to lose her mother twice this year.

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